Two homes with colored Christmas lights on the roofline at sunset. One has solar panels on the roof.

Bryan/College Station Christmas Light Installation

A beacon of light in our community.

Front of a house with a stone facade. Professional Christmas lights lining the roof.

Our professional Christmas lights installation team is in Bryan College Station! Formerly BCS Christmas Lights, our team of local first responders and College Station firefighters are training and preparing for the busy season of Christmas lighting ahead – and we cannot wait to serve you!

Trust In Safety & Experience

7 Years of Experience

20+ Local First Responders & Firefighters

96% Customer Retention from Year to Year

240+ Commercial and Residential in 2020

Meet Our College Station Team

Two Texas Light Crew Christmas light installers unwrapping holiday lights in the front yard of a house. Ladder next to door with a wreath.

Two professional Christmas light installers putting red and white holiday lights on a roof. One installer is on the roof, the other is on a ladder helping him.

“We offer firefighters you can trust to give you an honest product and peace of mind. We are going to light up your home, neighborhood, and community, and we will do it with integrity to earn your business.”

Our Lighting Work

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White brick home with white Christmas lights on the roof. Christmas lights installed around the yard, first and second story.
Christmas lights installed on the roof of a large two story house near Navasota TX. The house has a big lawn and two trees out front.
House with xmas lights installed on the roof and Christmas wreaths with lights over the garage and front door
Two-story brick home in College Station with Christmas lights lining the driveway, yard and roof.

College Station Christmas Lights Installation & Quoting

Send Us Your Address & Inspiration Photos

We Send You a Mock-Up of Your Christmas Lights

After Approval, We Will Send You a Personalized Two-Part Quote:

  • The Supply Cost of Lights
  • The Labor Cost for Installation

Then We Will Schedule Your Installation & Invoice You After the Job is Done!

House in Bryan/College Station with red Christmas lights on the roof. The house is white stone, the lights make the front of the house look red.

Bryan College Station Christmas Lights Installation

All of our professional Christmas lights installations in Bryan College Station come with:

  • Customized commercial grade lights, with a
    3-year warranty
  • All materials, such as clips, timers, cords
  • Experienced and insured installers
  • Attention to detail, from friendly, local first responders
  • 48-Hour response time, in case of any lighting issues

Two story home with warm goldlen yellow Christmas lights on the roof. Lights line the roof on the first and second story.

We are happy to go over any designs or ideas you have to ensure your Christmas lights display in Bryan College Station is festive, bright, and exactly as you want it.

Red brick home in Bryan Texas with Christmas lights on the roof. The lights are reflecting off the roof making it look gold.

Front or street-facing roof outline

Large brick home with gold exterior Christmas lights installed on the roof line and front walkway.

Full roof outline

Font porch of a home with white and red holiday lights on the roof. A Christmas wreath wrapped in lights with a bow hangs above the front porch.

Lighted wreath

White paneled home in Texas with evenly spaced, white Christmas lights installed along the roof and around the front walkway and lawn.

Lights lining driveways, sidewalks, and paths

Texas Light Crew Benefits & Values

You have questions about the Christmas lighting process. We bring our quality, service, and dedication from the fire service into our College Station Christmas lights installation process.

Texas Light Crew prides itself on being extremely responsive. We will always reply quickly to emails and inquiries and operate with complete integrity – if we say we will do something, then we will. Plus, we only send out background-checked first responders to your home, so you have confidence in who is working on your home. While on duty, you trust us with your life. When you hire us to install your Christmas lights, you get that same peace of mind and safety.

We hire local community members to assemble and prepare lights and wreaths. In the Christmas season, we all could use some extra income. Just like you need a little help with Christmas lights and decor, some in our community need a job during this season as well.

blurred lights used to make pattern

Texas Light Crew began because we wanted to serve our communities two-fold, both as firefighters and as your best choice for customer care in Christmas lights installation. Choose experience and quality with our team, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season.