Man on a roof installing Christmas lights on a house in College Station with solar panels

Texas Light Crew

Professional Christmas Light Installation

Spreading holiday joy in our community

Professional holiday lights installed on a house in Bryan Texas

Texas Light Crew provides confidence, and peace of mind. Your home will look amazing with clean, professional lights this year.

  • We want to take away the hassle, danger, and frustration of putting up Christmas lights and just leave you with the holiday cheer!
  • Warm, clean, and professional Christmas light displays bring holiday cheer and pride to families, neighborhoods, and communities alike!

Two story home with warm goldlen yellow Christmas lights on the roof. Lights line the roof on the first and second story.

“We sell Christmas Light packages with your freedom in mind. You own your lights, you keep them, and we will come back year after year to keep earning your business. We are not trying to lock you into a contract because we believe customer satisfaction will keep you coming back each year.”

Trust In Safety & Experience

8 Years of Experience

20+ Local First Responders & Firefighters

96% Customer Retention from Year to Year

750+ Commercial and Residential in 2022

Get to Know Us

Texas Light Crew began because of a mother’s desire to provide some joy and happiness for her family in the holiday season.

Texas Light Crew started as a favor for my wife’s friend.  She wanted to decorate her home with lights but struggled to find a budget friendly option in town.  She asked if we knew anyone who would put lights up for her family.  We were in financial need like many during this time, so my wife volunteered me for the job.  The word got out, and Texas Light Crew was born. We have grown into a community of first responders working diligently to provide excellent service as we decorate homes each Christmas season.

two first responder Christmas light installers getting ready to put lights on a house in South College Station

Christmas light installer on a ladder helping an installer on the roof with a string of holiday lights.

Our Lighting Work

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White brick home with white Christmas lights on the roof. Christmas lights installed around the yard, first and second story.
Colorful Christmas light installation in Cedar Park TX. The house has X-Mas lights on the roof and inflated outdoor Christmas decorations in the front yard.
Christmas lights installed lining the front walkway, garden and roof of a house in Cedar Park Texas
bright white holiday lights hung on a house in Bryan TX

Why Texas Light Crew?
Our Difference.

You have questions about the Christmas light process, and we are here to serve you and answer those questions. We bring our quality service and dedication from the fire service into our Christmas light installation process.

Texas Light Crew prides itself on being extremely responsive. We will always reply quickly to emails and inquiries, and operate with complete integrity – if we say we will do something, then we will. Plus, we only send out background-checked first responders to your home. While on duty, you trust us with your life, and when you hire us to install your lights, you get that same peace of mind and safety.

We hire local community members to assemble and prepare lights and wreaths. In the Christmas season, we all could use some extra income, and just like you need a little help with Christmas lights and decor, some in our community need a job during this season as well.

blurred lights used to make pattern

Texas Light Crew began because we wanted to serve our communities two-fold, both as firefighters and as your best choice for customer care in Christmas light installation. Choose experience, quality, and care with our team, and give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season.

Our Process & Services

Your time is valuable, and we want to get you the best quote that gives you what you want while not tying you down with appointments and meetings. At any step in the quoting process, we would love to answer any questions and hear exactly what you want for your home. Below is how we focus on getting you exactly what you want while honoring your valuable time.

  • Click on the get a quote button above, and fill out the form.
  • Send us photos of everywhere you want to have lights installed.
  • We will send you a quote with a mock up showing what the lights could look like.
  • Send us any feedback or changes you would like.
  • The quote will have a supply and labor cost.
  • The supply cost is the cost of the lights for the first year (note: we only install lights that we provide).
  • The labor cost is what your cost will be for future installs.
  • Once the quote is approved, we will add you to the schedule for the time frame you requested.
  • After the holidays, we’ll take down your lights and put them in a tub for storage.

House with red Christmas Lights in College Station Texas

Professional Christmas Light Installation

All of our professional Christmas light installations come with:

  • Customized commercial grade lights, with a
    3-year warranty
  • All materials, such as clips, timers, cords
  • Experienced and insured installers
  • Attention to detail, from friendly, local first responders
  • 48-Hour response time, in case of any lighting issues

White and brown brick home in Austin Texas with gold lights on

We are happy to go over any designs or ideas you have to ensure that your College Station Christmas light display is festive, bright, and exactly as you want it.

Red brick home in Bryan Texas with Christmas lights on the roof. The lights are reflecting off the roof making it look gold.

Front or street-facing roof outline

Large brick home with gold exterior Christmas lights installed on the roof line and front walkway.

Full roof outline

Font porch of a home with white and red holiday lights on the roof. A Christmas wreath wrapped in lights with a bow hangs above the front porch.

Lighted wreath

White paneled home in Texas with evenly spaced, white Christmas lights installed along the roof and around the front walkway and lawn.

Lights lining driveways, sidewalks, and paths

Wedding, Backyard, & Event Lighting

Texas Light Crew also provides wedding and event lighting services with the same attention to detail, responsiveness, integrity, and safety that we give each of our holiday and professional Christmas lighting installation projects. Call us for a personalized quote today!


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Wedding lighting installation in Austin TX. Strings of lights cross over a large reception room with dining tables, a serving area and a a dance floor.
Wedding lights professionally installed by the Texas Light Crew. The lights are stung across the room and accent the wood beams and high ceiling in the banquet room
String lights installed over an outdoor kitchen in Leander Texas. The lights are hanging over a Spanish tile patio with a grill, and wood dining table.
Professionally installed outdoor patio lights. Two strings of lights go over an outdoor kitchen with three chairs, a wood table with benches. The lights accent the stucco walls and tile roof.