Must-Know Methods to Safely Take Down Your Christmas Lights

Christmas lights professionally installed on a new home. The lights are white and line the roof of the white brick house.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of about 160 decorating-related injuries occur each day during the holiday season. Taking down holiday decorations may look easy on paper, but there are plenty of things that could go wrong if you’re not careful.

In this article, we’ll go over five ways you can safely take down the holiday lights from your house.

1. Use a Ladder To Take Down Christmas lights

This is the safest way to take down the Christmas lights without damaging your house or nearby objects in the process. While that’s true, using ladders carelessly is still considered dangerous.

Make sure to have a secure grip on the ladder while you work. If you’re going to use a step ladder, use one that’s large enough to support your weight.

  • Safety tip: Never climb the ladder without any kind of support, even if it is just one rung. It’s highly advised to work with at least one more person to keep an eye on you.

2. Check For Ice Buildups

If there is a lot of ice, snow, or even bird droppings on your rooftop, leaving the lights in place is safest. So long as you have a water-proof cover over the lights and they are unplugged, the damage will be minimal if they remain up during the winter months.

Remove them in the spring when everything has thawed.

  • Safety tip:  If there is a lot of ice buildup on or around your home’s gutters, it may be best to get them inspected by a qualified professional before climbing up any ladders. The presence of ice alone is considered a hazard.

3. Move Lights With Care

For Christmas lights with an extension cord, do not attempt to take them down by pulling on either end of the string because it can cause damage and even break your lights. Consider using clips or wires to tie strands together properly.

  • Safety tip: Remove lights by unplugging them at both ends of the cord and taking down one section of lights before moving on to the next.

4. Turn Off the Electricity

Make sure to turn off the house’s breaker box before taking down Christmas lights. This will prevent any accidental shocks or electrical damage while you work. This is an obvious piece of advice that’s always worth reiterating.

  • Safety tip: If your lights also plug into outlets, make sure to turn off the circuit breakers for each outlet before you take them down.

5. Remove Outdated or Damaged Lights First

If you decide to take down all of your Christmas lights, start with the oldest and most damaged sets first so that they don’t accidentally drop onto another set.

Consider testing the lights before storing them away to get rid of bulbs or strands that no longer work. Faulty holidays lights can be a fire hazard the next time you use them around your home.

  •  Safety tip: When dismantling old lights, be sure to unplug them at both ends before untangling them so as not to cause any electrical shorts or damage.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

While it’s tempting to take down all the holiday lights by yourself, it’s still highly recommended to seek assistance. Consider calling a friend or two to help you take down the decorations. By working as a team and following these safety tips, you should be able to take down those lights with no issues.

If all this seems too much work or if it’s not safe enough for you, consider hiring qualified professionals to take down your Christmas lights and other decorations safely.

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